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NHMH in Scientific-Medical Research

NHMH participates in scientific-medical research projects as we appreciate that all 3 domains of health transformation — science/medical research; clinical care/practice protocols; and health policy legislation, regulation and policy-making — all are vital to our mission of advancing the integration of mental health/addiction care into medical settings.

Everything changed for patients in medical/health research in 2010 when Congress passed a law creating a new research institute, funded by the American public, that makes patients and stakeholders an integral, long-term component of research studies, rather than a separate external periodic influence. It is called the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute or PCORI. In December 2019, Congress re-funded PCORI for another 10 years, i.e. until December 2029.

Early on, NHMH recognized the value of PCORI research, and are gratified to have been selected to be part of several ongoing PCORI national clinical trials, ALL on the subject of behavioral (MH+SUD) integration into medical settings.

PCORI research introduces new era in medical research where patients and stakeholders are proactively a central part of the research team. They teach researchers real-world, end-user knowledge about the lives and circumstances of patients, providers or organizations involved in or affected by research. In our trials, NHMH has inputted directly into: study scope and overall design, patient recruitment and enrollment, development of patient surveys, selection of patient outcomes to be analyzed, and the nature of the intervention. The goal is researchers and stakeholders learning from each other. And patient engagement that changes how studies are designed and executed to meet the needs and values of those they were intended to benefit: patients, families, clinicians.

Below are news updates and published articles from research projects NHMH is participating in:

PCORI IBHPC Clinical Trial:

NHMH is part of the five year (2016-2021) Integration of Behavioral Health and Primary Care (IBHPC) PCORI-funded clinical trial, led by the University of Vermont. The IBHPC study involves over 4000 patients in 11 states across the U.S. and is taking place in 44 medical sites incorporating mental health care into their clinics. IBHPC aims to address the research question whether increased integration of evidence-supported behavioral health and primary care services, compared to simple co-location of providers, improves patient-centered outcomes in patients with multiple conditions.
Update: On June 24, 2020, PCORI further awarded the IBHPC trial a “COVID-19-Related Funding Enhancement for Existing Research” grant in order for the study to answer COVID related questions related to IBHPC’s research in progress. The enhancement grant will allow the research team to collect a 4th wave of patient and provider surveys to understand if the degree of medical-behavioral integration in clinic sites, is associated with better patient health outcomes in the post-COVID world.

Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care Protocol Paper, 2021

Differences in Occupational Burnout Among Primary Care Professionals, Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, 2021.

PCORI SPIRIT Clinical Trial:

Protocol Paper, CCT 2020

Psychiatrist and Psychologist Experience with Telehealth and Rural Collaborative Care – October 2020

Bipolar Disorder & PTSD Screening & Telepsychiatry Diagnoses in Primary Care – May 2020

Comparison of Teleintegrated Care and Telereferral Care for Treating Complex Psychiatric Disorders in Primary Care – August 2021

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