Board of Directors

Rahil Briggs, PsyD,

National Director, ZERO To THREE

Florence Fee, J.D., M.A.

Co-Founder & Executive Director, NHMH

Stephen Hinshaw, PhD.

Co-Founder, Professor of Psychology, University of California Berkeley

Roger Kathol, MD.

CEO Cartesian Solutions

Robert McCarron, MD.

University of California Davis, Department of Psychiatry

Advisory Board

Henry Chung, MD,

Montefiore Medical Group

Karen Coleman, PhD.

Kaiser Permanente – Southern California

Wayne Katon, MD

(Dec’d), Emeritus

Lori Raney, MD
Mark Williams

Mayo Clinic

Our Mission

NHMH (No Health without Mental Health) is an emerging social marketing (where the public is “sold” on the need for a change in society) and communications venture whose mission is to redefine society’s understanding of “health,” to include mental health and physical health, completely, equally and seamlessly. Thereby, eliminating the social stigma that currently surrounds mental illness.

Mental health is relevant to everyone due to the widespread interactions between medical conditions and mental disorders over the course of a lifetime.

Our Vision

One care delivery system .…… medical and behavioral services delivered together

One provider network .……….. behavioral providers part of medical provider networks

One health plan ………..……….. medical and behavioral health benefits in one health plan

One payment pool  …………….. medical and behavioral plan benefits combined

One health record …….………… medical and behavioral care documented in single record

Our Beliefs and Values

  • We value true overall health and well-being, made up of both mental health and physical health.
  • We believe that mental health is relevant to everyone since, over the course of a lifetime, we are all vulnerable to the many and widespread interactions between medical conditions and mental disorders. When it comes to mental health, there is no “us” or “them” – rather, mental health is important to the health of all of us.
  • We know that redefining health for all of us will allow many people to seek available treatment for mental health problems, people who may now avoid treatment due to the stigma surrounding mental illness.
  • We believe in early detection of mental disorders, intervention to pre-empt or prevent chronic disability, treatment, and recovery where ever possible, leading to fuller and more productive lives.
  • We believe we must take responsibility for all of our health, mental health and physical health, and seek treatment where needed.

NHMH is a recognized leader

in advocacy for medical-behavioral integrated care which means having both your physical and behavioral conditions treated together in a coordinated fashion.

  • Integrated care can help solve both the social stigma surrounding mental disorders and provide more effective overall behavioral and medical treatments.
  • NHMH focuses exclusively on this one issue,  developing a national network of collaborators and partners, all on the cutting-edge of advancing integrated care
  • We have been invited to participate in several prestigious national and state research
    efforts and clinical trials to develop successful feasible models of integrated care.

We work with:

  • Federal and state policy-makers to change healthcare policy to allow
    medical and behavioral professionals to get paid for providing integrated care
  • Researchers to accelerate development of new models of integrated care
  • Physician groups to help medical practitioners to begin offering integrated care, and take a medical-behavioral team approach to care
  • Other advocacy partners to raise medical-behavioral integrated care services to top of health policy reform agenda

NHMH brings value

   in improved physical and behavioral health outcomes and lowered total  healthcare costs.

NHMH – No Health Without Mental Health a 501(c)3
Non Profit.
San Francisco – Washington DC

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©  2019 NHMH. All rights reserved.  Privacy Policy